Computers and Information Processing

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Every technology is focused towards the goodwill of a certain focus group and often balances out the major merits and pitfalls of the technology to one and others. It is quite essential to learn the advantages and disadvantages which forms a major portion to handle the exceptions and various other aligned business scenarios. The understanding and cooperation of the various strengths and weaknesses would make sure that all the disadvantages are capitalized over and taken care as possible risk management factors.

ERP implementation is quite risky affair and makes sure that the organization benefits from its being. The major factors are heavy duty cost; effort and time spend in its implementation. It is often the responsibility of the higher management to ascertain the strengths and weaknesses of such a computer technology to be implemented as it would affect business performance. The efforts spend on the various development activities required to understand the business scenario and the feasibility plans for correct implementation. The time and money invested in development activities would make sure that various business opportunities were compromised with and resources were drained in the very process to innovate the very ongoing process. For example: Wheatley (2003) mentions “In November 1999, domestic appliance manufacturer Whirlpool of Benton Harbor, Mich., also blamed shipping delays on difficulties associated with its SAP R/3 implementation”. Gupta (2004) mentions that a Texas-based pharmaceutical distributor FoxMeyer Drug malformed with their SAP R/3 implementation that completely bankrupted them. Enough planning, decision making and coordination were the only reasons for implementation failure. The attitude of the company towards the product is also a factor as often failure to meet quarterly end results made them to blame the malfunctioning of the product as mentioned by Wheatley (2003).

Answer: 2

The basic skills and education that is required for the job of a program manager or team leader are as follows:

·         Either a BS or MS degree in computer science or software engineering is preferred.

·         MBA in certain cases, but advantageous if one do possess

·         Technical and management expertise to handle a team and lead

·         Strong exposure to project management activities and team building skills with leadership quality

·         Cross-functional expertise for gaining an insight of a situation, assessing and understanding the risks involved for greater strength in operating, decision making and coordination.

·         Strong interpersonal and communication skills

The basic skills and education that is required for the job of a programmer, analysts and test engineers are as follows:

·         BS degree in computer science or software engineering

·         Strong analytical and logical ability

·         Technical expertise

·         Communication skills

·         Leadership skills and correct attitude

·         No biasness or negative attitude

The basic skills and education that is required for the job of a quality analyst is as follows:

·         BS degree in computer science or MSc in statistics or math’s are also preferred

·         Understanding the quality processes and its effective flow

·         Observe a higher degree of compliance in maintaining the quality processes and standards for an organization

·         Observe no biasness for any sort of mismanagement of ethics and standards

·         Take preventive actions for getting the standards implemented and observed in practiced

·         Maintaining and auditing the standards and creation of reports

The basic skills and education that is required for the job of a network specialist is as follows:

·         BS degree in computer science with MCSE, CCNA, CCNP, MCSA among the most distinguished ones

·         Good understanding of the network and special interest in the subject

·         Analytical and logical ability

·         Team building skills

The various kinds of job and skills are mentioned above for getting the right man at the job.

Answer: 3

The established process serves quite beneficial in the implementation of a technology for an organization. An established process would make sure that the problem is well understood and the existence of a prototype for fastening up the implementation process quite well. However the focus of a technology is to synchronize the very aspects of making the right decision to establish a process which in turn would make sure to benefit an organization. So it can be concluded that it is not necessary to map the process prior to the implementation but having it beforehand makes it easy and saves time, effort and money.

It can be noted that having an established process would also create large scale disparity in the way things would look after the new technology implementation and also arise several prejudices about the proposed system.

The established process in the case of “AllNite Superstore” made it challenging for the technology implementing team to misunderstand and carry prejudices of what would not be there. The very attitude towards the technology suffered and the company was looking for an opportunity to blame the technology for any of their mishaps. The very correct planning and organizing of information would make sure that the very idea of technology enhances and at the same time gives full advantage to the company to put blame for its losses. A success story for TechMahindra is that the company incurred less cost and time to implement the technology at their business center. The very understanding of the established processes made sure that all the various penetrations and specification are capitalized within very less time and money. Enough understanding helped them to gain a bird’s eye view of the technology implementation and facilitated them to take care of various risks and exceptions of the system.


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