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Computers and Softwares

Windows Vista vs. Windows XP

            Windows XP was Microsoft Corporation’s latest offering in 2001, following the generally believed to be unfriendly interface of Windows 2000 (CNET Networks, Inc., 2007). Microsoft went to all sorts of preparations to make the release as big as Windows 1995 (CNET Networks, Inc., 2007). Reviews all over the Internet agree that all the hype was worth it (CNET Networks, Inc., 2007). The Windows XP brought about a major upgrade that involves the redesigning of the interface and other features, making XP more pleasing aesthetically and functionally (CNET Networks, Inc., 2007).

            Windows XP involved different releases; with the first one causing little annoying troubles such as pop up bubbles (CNET Networks, Inc., 2007). However, the release of the Windows XP Pro showed how the product could deliver better tools, and administrative and security controls (CNET Networks, Inc., 2007). The fact that Windows XP needed getting used to was certainly nothing compared to its better performance (CNET Networks, Inc., 2007).

            However, 2007 ushered the way for Microsoft’s release of a new operating system that is supposed to deliver “improvements to security, reliability, performance, deployments, and manageability (Microsoft Corporation, 2007).”

            Within the limited time that Windows Vista had been on the market, and people have had the chance to experience this new operating system, the consensus seems to be that Windows Vista is even better than any of the previous operating systems released by Microsoft (Microsoft Corporation, 2007). It is less expensive to maintain and easier to deploy (Microsoft Corporation, 2007). This current release also boasts of an improved performance and reliability in terms of its multi-tiered data protection and security features (Microsoft Corporation, 2007).

            However, as with all other operating systems, there are unforeseen glitches that are only noted by end-users, such as the program’s failure to save user credentials beyond the current session. This observation is claimed to occur in Windows Vista Home Basic, Windows Vista Home Premium, and Windows Vista Starter.

Microsoft Office 07 vs. Microsoft Office 03

            The same trend of improvement and development can also be seen in Microsoft’s treatment of its Microsoft Office systems. Comparing Microsoft Office 03 and Microsoft Office 07, for example, it is apparent that the latter product is a much-improved version of the latter. Moreover, it boasts of a totally different interface and file formats from the old Microsoft office. Thus, the latest Microsoft Office is much more adept at making presentations that could impress key people in one’s business or profession. Moreover, the Microsoft Outlook 07 organizes things better, which is another plus for business people.

            One thing that always crops up with the offering of a new product though, is the adjustment or learning process involved when switching. However, the interface of Microsoft Office 07 is easier to master than that of the 2003 version, because of the labels and menus designed to help a new user.

            All of these new products offered by Microsoft often offer better and improved products than the last,  a sign of the extensive research put into the development of new programs and technology for the benefit of all.


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