Effective Writing

Effective Writing

It is necessary for effective writing to know about the target audience as one needs to communicate the information, thought, and content according to rational level and language capacity of the audience. Furthermore, in depth knowledge of the target audience is necessary as it enables the writer to summarize and simplify the information according to the needs and requirements of the readers. It further helps to fabricate appropriate examples to communicates ideas clearly and effectively.

Writing must avoid technical jargon and any specific terms, if used, must be explained to the reader. As technical terminology is incomprehensible for common readers and entangled them. They can not absorb the main thought and arguments. It is equally important that points must be augmented by valid arguments and verified and verifiable evidence. This not only ends credibility and authenticity to the contents of the subject but also creates interest among readers. It will manifest the practical utility of the reading as it can be used in practical life. This feature of writing distinguishes it from fiction and theoretical information.

I will opt for the importance of relationship building for influence as the hypothetical topic for my future job. I will write for the executives as they are the right target audience to comprehend the significance of relationship building within a corporate world. I will take a favourable position as building relationships within corporate world is necessary in order to manage business risks and deliver proper customer service. I will explain utilization of subtle influence approaches and its outcomes. I will emphasize the needs for a regular plan to uncover stakeholders’ needs and to realize what turn them on and off.

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