Guard American Security Campaign


The Concealed Handgun Permit for America is a non-profit organization that advocates that every citizen at the age of 21 and above should be given the right to carry a handgun at any time and anywhere for the sake of their own personal protection.

Despite the general opposition to this cause, the organization would form a foundation that would carry out its good will towards the citizen by providing free Self-Defense training and Gun-Handling seminars open to all citizens who are qualified for a handgun permit. It would be available in every state in the country.

The campaign to be used to make this foundation launch possible is the Guard American Security campaign that has a set of activities and objectives in line with the Concealed Handgun Permit for America’s vision for the firearm legislation in the country.


            “Protecting every American’s right to security.”

            Using this banner slogan, the Concealed Handgun Permits for America, a non-profit organization, pushes for a public relations campaign that would be known as the Guard American Security (GANS). This campaign aims to increase visibility and to get public support. It would be a tool to push for favorable legislation as well as to raise funds for the organization.  This organization advocates that Americans over 21 years of age can have the license to carry a handgun to any place at any time. Licensing is granted to applicants upon the completion of proper training and a series of background checks. The organization believes that every qualified citizen should have the right to possess and to carry a handgun for one’s personal welfare and safety as well as the safety of the nation.

            This paper would discuss the overview of the campaign in detail. It would include present the campaign title, explain the slogan, state the rationale and mission statement, enumerate the objectives and discuss the PR plan in detail. The publicity campaign would be further discussed in specific details that include the foundation launch, the fundraisers, and the support groups to be tapped for support as well as the media plan.

Campaign Overview: PR Plan

            According to Hayward and Moi (2001), “Campaigning is becoming increasingly popular as a method of raising an organization’s profile and building positive image” (p. 22). The GANS campaign was formed to do the same, which is to build the organization’s profile as well as to develop a positive image. This is important in order to garner support from the general public and the key players such as the legislators and the potential support groups.

            Before launching any campaign, the campaign’s public relations team must be able to point out the objectives, the target, as well as the tactics and techniques that would be used throughout the campaign (Hayward & Moi, 2001). The team must also pinpoint the different areas of strengths and weaknesses in order to be prepared for the duration of the project. In the same manner, the leaders of the campaign must be able to recognize the opportunities and threats that the organization would encounter for the campaign period.


            Naming the campaign is not done just for the sake of identification. The time allotted to this part of the campaign requires strategy and brainstorming on the part of the campaign people as well (Hayward & Moi 2001). The name must be short and effective as well as interesting enough for the target supporters and the public to remember (Hayward & Moi 2001). This campaign is named the “Guard American Security” or the GANS campaign. A pronounceable acronym is helpful to identify the campaign and what it is about (Hayward & Moi 2001); GANS can easily sound like guns. The play of words to make it sound like guns would help the people instantly relate the new acronym. They would recall the focus of the organization, which are handguns and giving the right to Americans to carry them.


            Slogans help reinforce the campaign’s identity as well as recollection (Hayward & Moi, 2001). For this campaign, the main slogan for the Concealed Handgun Permits for America would be “Protecting every American’s right to security.”

            It has a patriotic approach that appeals to the heart of the citizens (Marconi, 2004). People can easily relate to an organization if it stands for something very important and very close to their hearts and in this area, it is patriotism. It also manifests the abstract concept of protection. This campaign would present handguns as the concrete manifestation of the personal security. Security would no longer be an abstract concept or a mere notion of feeling safe.  Since the September-11 tragedy, security has been a major issue of importance for Americans and presenting the people with their “right to security” would be seen as a necessity in the present circumstances.

Situation Analysis

            Decades ago, the country has been under debate regarding the legislation concerning concealed-carry of handguns. The debate started during the time firearm legislation was passed in the State of Florida (Snyder, 1997). The legislation allowed for adult citizens of the state to carry concealed handguns in public. The public perception was that this law would increase the crime rates and violence in the nation and that “blood would literally be running in the streets” (Snyder, 1997, Para. 1). This is one of the greatest issues that the organization needs to address. It needs to be presented as the misconception that it is.

            It can easily be done by stating facts in reality when it comes to the claim of blood running in the streets. Currently, it can be said that such predictions never came to pass. In fact, the argument of pro-gun movements would be such laws actually reduced the crime rate of the country (Snyder, 1997).

            The debate is still on-going and it is still status quo for people to not support concealed handgun legislations.  The support for anti-gun movements is still popular because it translates to siding with peace and non-violence. The reality is, the concealed handgun legislation still remain to be the unpopular view because guns are still highly related to violence. Pro-gun supporters remain to be a minority group in the country. There is still a great necessity to change mindset and to gain support to be able to gain any upper hand if the organization wants to achieve results in their advocacy. This is the underlying scenario why this campaign exists.


            The campaign should be founded upon principles that reflect the organization’s ideals as well as the purposes of the campaign. The points of the structured rationale should come across under a general message that would be sent throughout the duration of the entire campaign. It would be the message that the organization wants the public to absorb. This message would later be translated into public opinion that would be rooted from their acceptance of the organization’s advocacy as the norms of society (Glasser and Salmon, 1995). Since the truth is relative, this is what the organization wants the people to consider as the truth as they are familiarized with the advocacy of the organization (Press, 2001). This can be easily achieved with the proper packaging of the message (Press, 2001). The efficiency and constancy of the publicity is also prioritized critically (Press, 2001).

            Promotion of Self-Defense. This campaign would focus on the empowering of the individuals to protect themselves from crimes. The approach of the campaign is to provide programs to teach citizens measures on how to protect themselves if they find themselves in trouble. Part of such programs would include self-defense classes that do not use guns, but the point that would be sent across that this measure is not sufficient for protection.

            In reality, criminals know what they are doing. They have weapons to use for crimes. More often than not, those weapons are not licensed and under government law is a violation. They have premeditated on how to attack and when to attack by the mere possession of the weapons. Experience and reality dictates that criminals know when to attack (Snyder, 1997). Of course they always make sure that no police would be around to save their gun less victims. They have an advantage because they have the weapon, they have the strength and “expertise,” and in some cases they even have the number (Snyder, 1997). Needless to say, there would be no chance for any average American to fight back. Without their own weapons to fight back or to serve as “equalizers,” the victims would not have means to defend themselves (Snyder, 1997). At the end of it all, the victim would lose their lives, be injured or maimed and left entirely at the mercy of his attacker (Snyder, 1997).

            The Necessity of Guns. Guns presented as something beneficial is one thing. It may be already given to most of the people in the country. The campaign would make handguns something that is an actual necessity for every adult, something that would make them better and more equipped individuals. It roots down to their right to life (Snyder, 1997). Guns are usually equated to violence and death. This campaign must turn it around. There would be a cognitive change in public opinion and in this case, it would be that the need for protection and the right to protect life is synonymous to the need for handguns (Glasser and Salmon, 1995).

            The bottom line is that in the past the country was situated in an era wherein people can be safe without arming the citizens with handguns. However the times have changed and the world would actually be safer if citizens were equipped with weapons necessary to protect themselves. This can be effectively related with the spin of statistics. The picture that is painted using this tool would be established with overwhelming numbers (Press, 2001).

            When people are toppled with the statistic of the crime rates in the streets and else where, people would want to get armed and protected (Press, 2001). It may not be true that every crime is related directly to the people being defenseless because they did not have guns. However, the point is statistics would prove that it was not a safe world anymore for people to go out on streets without guns (Press, 2001). In reality, more outrageous claims become more believable, it’s just a matter of good advertising (Press, 2001).

            It is also good to release stories that reflect more casualties are caused by being defenseless and gun less. It is important to have a steady volume of news releases that report on such individual cases that would come out in the news papers and in the news programs (Seitel, 2003). If reporters do not cover it, it is important for the team to contact their connections in the media to do what they do best, produce favorable spins on such stories to highlight the statistics as well as hype up the need for handgun permits (Press, 2001; Hayward & Moi, 2001).

            Similar to the case of the shooting in Jordanian Island, the parents believed that had they not “complied with Jordanian requests to leave their weapons behind when they entered the border enclave” they “might have been able to stop the shooting” (Lott, 1998, p. 66).

            The fact that the law ensures the criminals that men and women would not carry weapons when they are outside of their homes would give them greater confidence in the fact that they are unarmed (Snyder, 1997).

            In the current scenario, Americans need to provide proper cause in order to qualify for a carrying license. Americans need gun because it gives them the ability to effectively defend themselves in all places and at all times and protect their lives; this is something that people do not need a “proper cause” to have access to (Snyder, 1997).

            The Chance for Better Legislation. This campaign shows new hope for the country. A bulk of the debate about handgun permits fall upon the problems that the people foresee about the government and how it will handle the legislation because they simply do not trust the politicians with it.

            Corruption, favoritism, and other downfalls come with supporting handgun permits. The people are scared that the justice system, as well as the legislative branch is not prepared to be accountable for the mishaps of liberalizing the gun control law. The system as it is cannot be considered highly effective, since there are still those who provide fake driver’s license and phony documents of legality. Their question would be what would prevent the criminals from producing fake handgun permits and the like?

            The spin needed by this campaign would be a “not-me-I’m-different” strategy wherein the organization can pair up with pro-gun politicians and back them up just like the way the National Rifle Association backs up candidates who promote their advocacy (Press, 2001; Alford, 2007).

            It would not just target the state of Kentucky who already supports this legislation but the entire nation. This campaign must give hope to people that legislation can be better and it can be the opportunity for the government to clean up their acts and be accountable for a change, for the security of each individual American.

            New Technology and Guns. One of the minor messages of the campaign would be the opportunity for technological improvement that would come with liberalizing handgun legislation. Once every eligible citizen above 21 would be carrying handguns, there would be a need to improve and develop such guns to fit the personal preference and safety of status quo.

            When there is a growth for demand for a product, the tendency of the firearm industry is to develop the product and to provide for better technology. The campaign promotes that improved laws on handgun permits would translate into better handguns, safer handguns for everyone.

            Such a development would bring in other positive things for the country, such as more job openings because of an assured growth in the firearm industry. This would even increase the quality of handguns that would make the country more competent in yet another export industry.  This competence can then lead to opportunities to export the country’s high-quality guns to other countries. This message would get across by a series of gun shows that would be held all over the country to raise funds for the organization and to attract interest from the people to handguns not just for protection but for other rifles and develop shooting as a hobby as well.


            The underlying objective of this campaign is to make the public adopt a mindset that dictates the right to own guns can be equated to the right to life and security. This is a broad objective that would be the main goal for the whole campaign.

            To get to this point other objectives must be laid down to define the specific concerns of the organization directed towards the target audience (Marconi, 2004). Laying down the objectives enables the organization and the campaign team to identify key activities that would be used to achieve the end goal.

            The first and major objective is to present an embodiment of the principles of the campaign. The purpose for this campaign is not transitory. It is not meant to be done to promote the advocacies of the organizations for a short period of time; it was meant to be permanent. It would be done in the form of a foundation birthed from the organization and launched in the duration of the campaign. The launch of the GANS foundation would be the highlight of the entire thing. This particular objective targets the public in general as the target group. The goal is to raise visibility and awareness regarding the organization (Marconi, 2004).

            The second objective would be to create an image of the organization that advocates self-defense. This must be the forefront of the campaign because it underlines that undisputable fact that every person needs to be able to defend himself when the need arises.

            Having said so, the third objective would be to point out and to place great information in the open that would let the public see how there is a need to protect oneself. The goal is to make the people feel cautious enough that they see the need to own their own handguns for their defense and protection.

            The fourth objective is to equip the people with the use of handguns. A major concern of the public and the opposition is that only a minority of the people is capable and has the training to actually handle firearms. The purpose is to eradicate the excuse that people are not trained to handle firearms to have gun control laws.

            The fifth objective targeting the public is for them to see the positive effects that a pro-gun legislation can provide. The objective is for them to be optimistic because of the effects that it can bring about and that would be in the form of more jobs and a healthier economy.

            Other objectives would be purposely targeting specific groups of people wherein the organization would tap in for support. Potential markets for support must be clearly identified to determine the kind of strategies and communications the organizations need. This is to initiate and to establish relationships with such specific public (Marconi, 2004). These objectives are set to analyze the characteristics and identify the opportunities provided by such new markets of non-traditional groups (Brown, 2002).

            Specific objectives of this campaign are to establish support and relationships with ethnic minority groups that have experienced hate crimes or racial crimes. They have always been pointed out as the weaklings in the country and are always picked on; the self-defense programs would specifically target the areas of residence of such minority groups in each state.

            Another objective is to get support from the gay and lesbian community who like the ethnic minority group had been perceived as the underdog in society. The campaign aims to empower them by being able to defend themselves by similar hate crimes and to diminish the view that they are weak. The objective of raising support from feminist groups also comes into play, especially with the self-defense programs that would definitely translate to women empowerment.

            For the white, male adult who may typically be easily be the characteristic of the present pro-gun movements, they are also covered in terms of winning more of their support. The organization has the objective to gain more interest from this group. They must qualify for financial and manpower support from the fundraising activities like gun shows and other publicity events that the organization would put in order throughout the duration of the campaign.

Strategy and Tactics

             While strategy and tactics seem to reflect the same thing, the truth is strategy points towards the approach and the focus of the effort while tactics refer to the method itself (Marconi, 2004). In this case the approach of the campaign would be an optimistic and massive information drive and a series of program launches. These would target and affect the general public as well as specific focus groups like the ethnic minorities, the feminist community and the gays and lesbian community.

            The campaign would appeal to the hearts of the Americans in terms of utilizing concepts like right to life and protection. It is a political campaign dressed like an empowerment campaign that aims to empower the weak as well as the normal person against the evils of crime and violence. It would be in the form of the promotion the Americans’ self-defense and fighting back against those who abuse the law by being armed themselves.

            The six-month to one year campaign would be highlighted by the launch ceremonies of the Guard American Security Foundation. It would be a foundation for empowerment programs of self-defense and gun-handling seminars. The campaign would invite the support of different national celebrities and invite them to be spokespeople for the newly-launched foundation (Feinglass, 2003). One of the most likeable and appealing celebrity for this advocacy is actor Bruce Willis who have expressed his stand for the more liberated handgun legislation (Roach, 2000).

            Armed with numerous news and feature releases aimed towards the underdog groups of ethnic minorities, feminist groups and the gay and lesbian communities, other publicity methods would be in forms of fundraisers like gun shows and gun auctions that would address those who actually support the pro-gun movement. They would be encouraged to not only vocally support the movement but do something about it by volunteering or donating different things like goods (rifles and handguns for the auctions or office supplies for the foundation) or even money.

            The activities that the company would undertake to address such a strategy would be in forms of free gun-handling trainings and self-defense seminars that would take place for a period of time around the country. This would mean that the organization is bringing to the people the programs. It would not be exclusive anymore for the group who consider firearms to be something related to a hobby or a sport alone. It would be open to reach every eligible person in the country as the campaigns grow bigger and more successful.  This would also serve as the good will activity of the organization as it would provide the programs of empowerment for free.

Publicity Campaign

Foundation Launch

            The Guard American Security (GANS) Foundation would be launched to highlight the campaign. It would be a series of events that would end with a high end black-tie banquet with high-priced dinner tickets to generate funds for the upcoming projects of the foundation (Hayward & Ali, 2001). The week-long launch would start of with a shooting competition to be participated by hobbyists and other licensed firearm owners. It would impose a relatively high registration fee that would go to the foundation’s proceeds as well.

            After the competition, there would be a press conference and a media launch. The highly awaited and publicized banquet would invite the concerned politicians who support the pro-gun movement as well as other legislators that can be considered as more neutral and more open towards being supporters of the movement.  The banquet would feature other celebrities and society elites (Hayward and Ali, 2001). The banquet would also extend invites to the officers and key persons of the target organizations of different minority, gays and lesbians and feminist communities.


            After the launch of the foundation, fundraising activities would soon follow in order to raise funds for the banner projects of the foundations that would be formally launched a couple of months before the program ends.

            Shooting Range Weekend Clinics. The foundation would offer shooting courses for interested individuals. It can offer from beginner to differing levels of advanced lessons for those who are interested with shooting as a hobby and as a sport. The foundation would tie up with major rifle manufacturing companies and retailers as sponsors.

            Aside from achieving more visibility and more support amongst current pro-gun movement supporters, such clinics would encourage those who remain neutral regarding the issue to be pro-gun. They would be targeted in terms of offering the advocacy in terms of developing a passion for this new hobby or sport. It can also be tagged as a preview of the empowerment programs however, such clinics are not offered free of charge like the goal programs of the foundations. The target market for this event lies on the upper middle class demographics of the population.

            Gun Shows and Auctions. Another major fundraising activity would feature a series of gun shows strategically located in both pro-gun states and those that are not. This would also aim to heighten the visibility of the organization and the foundation as well as provide for financial support by the gun shows as well as the auctions. The organization would tie up with leading firearm companies to sponsor the fundraiser and to support the events of the GANS foundation to be able to provide the topnotch firearms in the said events.

            The firearm companies would be offered exchange deals with the foundation in terms of advertising of different kinds at the event and program venues.

            Bruce Willis. Since Hollywood is the avenue for modern publicity, it is only essential that the foundation lobby for the more visible and vocal support of the celebrities who are for the pro-gun movement (Marconi, 2004).

            Willis has been outspoken about his beliefs regarding the firearm legislation and advocates the right of the person to be able to protect him when he needs it. He was quoted saying “Everyone has a right to bear arms. If you take guns away from legal gun owners, then the only people who have guns are the bad guys” (Roach, 2000, para.2). The actor further stated that even a person who was a pacifist would react in a violent manner if someone was threatening his or her life (Roach, 2000).

            The actor disagreed with the fact that the people are cautious about the concealed handgun permit legislation because they are afraid that because of what they see on the big screen or on television, people would emulate violent crimes with a more liberal access to firearms (Roach, 2000). People think that violence would be repeated in real life and it would be widespread once the legislation would be passed favorably for the pro-gun movement.
According to Willis, “It’s insulting to movie audiences. Anyone who goes to the movie knows that when you see someone killed on the screen, that actor gets up and dusts himself off after the take is over. In my heart, as a father, I think what causes violence — violent children and violent young adults and violent adults — is not having a good childhood, not having a father in the house, learning to become a sociopath instead of a good human being. It’s as simple as that” (Roach, 2000, para.3).

            With such conviction about the firearm law, the foundation would rally to have this person as the spokesman for the organization. Tactics like this wherein he can be an honorary member of the board of the organization would attract wide media coverage (Marconi, 2004). Any celebrity of such stature can generate a healthy amount of media publicity for the organization. It can also be substantial help for the image of the organization.


            Major programs of the campaign targets to provide for free gun-handling training and self-defense seminars for qualified citizens all over the nation. Such trainings and seminars would not be merely hobbies and sports to introduce to the people but it would serve as empowerment programs of the organization. It would be the means by which the citizens can guard their security thus adhering to a major objective of the organization.  Providing these equipment seminars for free would be the ultimate goal of the campaign, it can start of with minimal fees, but towards the end it must be something that the foundation would be able to do regularly without charge as part of the organization’s good will (Marconi, 2004).

            Gun-Handling Seminars. These seminars would inform the citizens of the things they need to know about guns. It is said that people are always afraid of what they are ignorant about or the fear of the unknown. These seminars would eradicate that ignorance by equipping the minds of the Americans about firearms and how they can turn this so-called foe into their protector and friend.

            The seminars would feature education about the different kinds of basic handguns that they can use and what can suit them. It would educate them about the different parts of the gun and what their functions are. It also tells them the theoretical lessons about how to use a gun. It would provide lectures on proper safekeeping of firearms and how to keep them away from people who should not have them (i.e. children, underage minors and criminals). Most of all, it can also teach them to have more accurate aims with their handguns so as not to endanger the lives of innocent people around them.

            These seminars also provide the information of the requirements needed to have a permit to carry handguns. It would also highlight the benefits the citizens would get as an effect of favorable legislation as well as provide avenues by which they can support the foundation and the organization.

            Such seminars can be held at town halls for the concerned local citizens and even in private companies targeting the employees. The participants of such seminars would get certificates, pamphlets or booklets of proper gun handling and the other things discussed by the seminar. The foundation can also provide easier ways for the citizens to get permits collectively after attending the seminar.

            Self-Defense Training. While the seminars covered the theoretical concepts of gun-handling, the trainings would cover the application part. This would be made available to everyone who had undergone the free seminars; such training would be free as well. The participants would experience hands-on training of gun-handling. They would be taught how to handle actual attack situations wherein they are trained not to fatally wound their assailants. Such trainings can be done through two-day intensive course trainings or through a series of short courses during weekends or weeknights. Volunteers are the ones who would instruct the participants after undergoing intensive trainings themselves.

Media Relations

            Press Release. During, even before and after the duration of the campaign, a constant volume of news and feature release would be fed to the public to maintain constant information supplement. This would serve as consistent visibility for the public, the target groups as well as the government officials. Such articles would revolve mainly on the need for self-defense and how it has been an unsafe world without concealed handguns (Press, 2001).

            The foundation would also release media kits during the media launch that would provide for all the information the press needs about the new foundation as well as the advocacy of the organization (Marconi, 2004). It would include a CD-ROM presentation of the foundation, in-house press releases, case studies and brochures about the future programs of the foundation (Marconi, 2004).

            GANS Website. The website must be launched at the media launch rather than the banquet. It would carry the online publication of the foundation that would serve as the “new vista of public relations activity” and “new publicity channels” (Seitel, 2003).  This website would also be a tool to reach out to a wider range of supporters and untapped group of potential supporters. It would be an avenue wherein the supporters and other concerned citizens can directly interact with the organization and the other supporters through forums and bulletins (Seitel, 2003).

            Above the Line Advertising.  In the longer run, the foundation would be able to attain advertising placements for the television, radio and print media. In the mean time, it must be able to work with publicity strategies to receive free media coverage from the media mentioned (Hayward ; Ali, 2001).

Targeted Support Groups

            Aside from merely generating visibility and public awareness for the organization from the general public, it is also important to tap into specific target markets in order to generate greater support. This can be done by establishing alliances and relationships with them based on shared values and goals. The campaign needs groups of people that would be excited with the vision of the organization for the foundation (Feinglass, 2003).  In this case, the three target groups stand for two common things: empowerment and self-defense.

            Feminist Groups. Women empowerment writer Paxton Quigley promotes concealed handguns with a number of books she had written about self-protection. She talked about martial arts and other gun less self-defense methods as futile when it comes to the circumstances that really need self-defense (Quigley, 1989). They are not the weaker sex anymore by being helpless and unable to save themselves from trouble. A number of women groups have been growing vocal about concealed handgun legislation (Brown, 2002).

            Minority Groups. Ethnic minority groups also receive attacks because of their race and are usually left defenseless. More so after the September-11 attacks wherein they are victims to massive lynching and hate crimes. The approach must be in the quest of the organization to help them and not to merely use them as pawns in order to gain a wider reach of support (Brown, 2002). These are the groups that need to be empowered to protect their safety as well as for their own self-defense.

            Gays and Lesbians Community. The “Pink Pistols” is just one of the many groups in the gays and lesbians community that could openly support the foundation.  They even appeared before legislative sessions to testify against antigun bills and believe that “armed gays don’t get bashed” (Brown, 2002, para. 6). They are usually victims of abuses because of the fact that they are sexual minority. They find themselves picked on because of how they act and their sexual preference. Supporting such a movement invites them to empower themselves against it.

            Reports even indicate that such opinions carry a critical weight with the lawmakers who do not hear similar sentiments from majority of the society (Brown, 2002). Such support also draw massive media coverage because of the interesting opinion such groups bring into the picture (Brown, 2002).

Addressing Pro-Gun’s Argument

            Much research and press releases must be geared towards addressing the issues raised by opposition groups. Spins have been used to make it seem that pro-gun legislation would cause more harm to the owners of the guns and their families than they would to the criminals, however the research that show this does not actually measure the efficiency of the concealed gun permits outside the homes where it really mattered (Snyder, 1997).

            Public debates.  Issues such as this should be addressed in initiated public debates. The organization must be able to organize public debates either in televised forums or private forums that has the media coverage. The leading members of the oppositions must be invited to participate in such forums in order to settle the difference in their issues.  This would send the message across about the seriousness of the organization about their advocacy and how much they have faith in the vision of the foundation. The organization must not be scared to shy away from the issues at hand and should not feel threatened to face opposition issues because it is vital for them to be vocal in order to influence national legislation.

            Political Articles or Editorials. Journalists and editors who are supporters of the advocacy must be tapped in for support by writing articles concerning the side of the organization regarding the firearm debate. This must stir the opinion of the public as well as legislators as they constantly are made aware of the issues and know that the organization is actively vying to face the issues and are not running away from them or hiding behind lavish events and fundraisers. Even the officials of the organizations must encourage their in-house writers to contribute to newspaper dailies as well as political magazines to get their advocacies out there.


            The Concealed Handgun Permit organization has a vision of changing the American mindset regarding guns.  They want firearms to be equated to protection and security rather than violence. The current reception for the organization’s vision and advocacies is not yet widely accepted by the public. The anti-gun movement still has the upper hand in terms of public support and opinion as well as legislation.

             The organization would then employ the Guard American’s Security campaign to be used to launch the GANS Foundation.  This is a foundation that would establish free programs on Self-Defense and Gun-Handling seminars to equip the citizens with the proper information that they need to be confident on the usage of firearms and about supporting legislation regarding it. It would also empower them to be able to defend themselves in times of crisis.

            The campaign has a number of objectives that are based on the situation analysis that the organization has done in order to determine the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats that exist that could largely affect the attainment of the organization’s vision.

            Fundraisers would be held to raise money for such free programs in the form of shooting competitions, gun shows and auctions as well as shooting range clinics. Aside from the target market, the foundation would address non-traditional groups like the ethnic minority groups, the feminist groups and the gays and lesbians community.

            The organization would initiate support from celebrity figures like Bruce Willis to generate publicity and greater support as well as a viable image. It would also be involved in providing the public a massive media campaign that would make every American aware of the objectives, the programs and the vision of the organization.


            Such a campaign needs massive support and planning since it desires to reach a nationwide audience. The important thing to consider for the success of this program is the communication of the offices of the organization in different states as well as the constant media exposure through events publicity or press releases on important issues.

            The public relations team of this campaign should be able to administer leadership from different areas of society. The media relations should be healthy enough to maintain for a long period of time. The media relation’s health would be out of consistency of the organization to provide them information and good will. The need for the organization to have proper coordination with the leaders of the other minority community groups is vital to raise funds and elbow room to attract a wider range of support. The public support would be an end-product for all of it out of the good will of the organization to empower Americans.


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