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Through research, I have discovered that Jade, a person of white ethnicity, prefers to play volleyball while Caralyne, a girl of Asian descent prefers to participate in soccer. However, Presley, a person of Indian descent, prefers to run. This supports my hypothesis that cultural background does affect what sports/physical activity people like to take part in.

Jade is a 14 year old girl of white ethnicity. She participates in almost sport throughout the school year. She also stays active by exercising throughout the summer. When asked what sports she participates in, she responded with, “basketball, volleyball, soccer, and cheerleading.” She says that she runs in the summer to stay fit. I asked what sport was her favorite to which she replied, “volleyball.”

Caralyne is a 16 year old girl. She is of Asian descent. Caralyne takes part in a few sports throughout the school year. Those sports include: cheerleading, soccer, and track. Caralyne has conditioning and practices for cheerleading over the summer, so she stays pretty active year-round. I also asked same which sport was her favorite and she responded with, “soccer.”

The last person I interviewed is a 15 year old girl named Presley. She is of Indian ethnicity. Presley is most definitely a runner. Track is by far her favorite sport and she’s quite good at it. However, she does participate in soccer as well. Over summer, she also runs. She stays pretty busy with soccer in the winter and track in the spring.

From my research, I have concluded that culture does affect which physical activities each individual like to participate in. Each girl I interviewed are different ages and cultures. They also each prefer a different sport over all the others. One similarity they all have, is that they all stay pretty active throughout the year.

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