Sexual harassment

Sexual harassment
Sexual harassment is unwelcome attention of a sexual nature and besides that it can also be called an illegal form of social harassment and it ranges from mild misdemeanors and annoyances to actual sexual abuse or sexual assault. Furthermore, it is also known to be a type of illegal discrimination a lot of countries and is a form of abuse both sexual and psychological as well as bullying.

            Although this can be found everywhere, it is most common to find sexual harassment at work. Therefore, it is basically the duty of the businesses to prevent sexual harassment from taking place at the workplace. Other than this, this problem also arises at educational institutions such as at schools.

            There have been many high-publicity sexual harassment cases that have been found and they have a great impact on the people as general and so do to me and below I have mentioned some of such cases followed by its consequences and responses of the people.

            One of the cases is about the Japanese beard pluckers that further states that an employer forced his female employee in Japan to pluck his beard and when she did so, he sexually abused her after which the employer was fined $5,000 for his unacceptable conduct. Other than this case, there can many other cases be also seen that show unethical behaviors of the people. (HR World, 2008).

            This case has been reported to take place in 2000 when Lt. Gen. Claudia Kennedy of the U.S. Army, also one of the Army’s highest-ranking female officer complained of being inappropriately fondled by a male officer but to her disappointment, the officer was not punished, instead he was promoted or given a much-coveted posting.

            The cases that are mentioned above are clear forms of unacceptable behavior at the workplace and such kind of cases give unclear messages to the other people working in an organization and it is a common perception of the people that sexual harassment is only faced by the female employees. This fact is true to some extent; however there are also cases in which the males have also faced such kind of trauma. Such kind of behaviors not only spoils the work environment but it also develops an image of the organization due to which the people feel reluctant to work at such work places.

            The severity and affects of sexual harassment vary from one person to another and some of the affects can be decreased work performance, increased absenteeism, retaliation from the harasser, defamation of character and reputation, loss of trust in environments and other type of people, high stress and support network weakens, etc. Besides this, there are also psychological and physiological factors such as depression, anxiety, sleeplessness, fatigue, loss of motivation and loss of confidence and the person may even start thinking of suicidal attempts if sexual harassment is too high. These consequences can occur in someone who has been sexually harassed. (Sexual Harassment Support, n.d.).

            Nowadays, however this landscape has changed a lot from before as the organizations have become more concerned now and are taking care of such ill behaviors as not only is such kind of behavior unacceptable but actions are even taken incase such misdemeanor exists.

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