The Vital Capacity Test In Football Physical Education Essay

Football has become a athletics that involvement by all population in this universe. To play or go a good football participant, the individual must get the hang many accomplishments and have a healthy physical and mental. Football participants besides must unite velocity, strength, legerity, power, and endurance as basic qualities before the single accomplishments built-in to the playing of association football can be utilized and depend on the place such as defence, strikers, midfielder and end keeper. The apprehension of the physical and the mental demands of the athletics will enable a more scientific attack to the preparation of association football participants by ( Bell and Rhodes 1975 ; Caru et. Al. 1970 ; Fardy 1969 ) .

Football is one of the athleticss that need high strength of work load or physical activity, for illustration the combination of walk and repeated dashs need sufficient recovery between activity. Stated by ( Nicks et. Al. 2006 ) and Romer

So the participant must hold strong musculuss, high muscular endurance, have strong nucleus and have high degree of aerophilic capacity because the football game are played for 90 proceedingss. So the preparation must incorporate high aerophilic preparation to better cardiovascular and pneumonic maps so the jock can get by with the athletics.

Physiological appraisal of jocks can supply an chance to analyze or prove the version to specific types of exercisings and preparation. These versions can be valuable to the clinician, managers and athletes themselves. For illustration, lab trial that can be proceed to analyze the version to specific types of exercisings and preparation. To prove the version to the lung we can utilize pneumonic maps test to analyze the effectivity of lung musculuss working, to look into the critical capacity and to gauge the lung volumes.

The map of the lung is to present O2 to gas exchanged surface and exhaust CO2 to atmosphere. To accomplish this with encephalon operation usually, breath Begins with contraction of inspiratory musculus enlarging the thorax, take downing intrathoracic and pleural force per unit areas, enlarging the air sac and air passages, spread outing the alveolar gas so cut downing its force per unit area below atmospheric. Air at atmospheric force per unit area must flux into the thorax where it is conducted to, and diffuses, out into the air sac. The passenger car of air through the air passages depends on the patency of the tubing every bit good as on the consistence of the lung and the power of the respiratory musculuss. At any one minute about 100ml of desaturated blood, with a strong affinity for O2, is spread over an country of 70 square metres ( country of pneumonic capillary bed ) separated from air by a membrane 0.2 micrometer midst. Oxygen from alveolar air diffuses quickly across the alveolar capillary membrane and is eventually chemically combined with haemoglobin molecules within the circulating ruddy blood cells ( RBC ) , CO2 diffuses into opposite way and is eliminated in expired gas.

The Vital capacity trial is one of the oldest and most common respiratory trials. The measuring of critical capacity ( VC ) merely requires that an single blow as big a breath of air as possible into a spirometer. Therefore, the individual expels three of the four constituents of the entire lung volume when executing the critical trial. There are inspiratory modesty volume ( IRV ) , tidal volume ( Television ) and expiratory modesty volume ( ERV ) . It provides an indirect indicant of the size of the lung, although it is non a complete step of the full lung size because it does non account for residuary volume. In general facts, critical capacity relate to three uncontrolled features which are age, stature and gender.

Lung map measurings besides may be made for several grounds. They are utile in depicting the lung for diagnostic intent and later in supervising alteration. Accuracy and consistence are hence really of import, and a convention exists for the process of measuring and look of consequence. In general, a measuring will merely be accepted after multiple efforts have been scrutinized and expressed under standard conditions. These are normally body temperature and atmospheric force per unit area.

To vouch truth, research lab pattern should include regular physical and biological standardization of the equipment. Standard for good research lab behavior have been described greatly by British Thoracic Society or association of respiratory engineer and physiologist 1997. In wellness there are several factors which influence the magnitude of the lung map. These include tallness, sex, age, and to a lesser degree weight and cultural beginning ( Cotes1979, Anthonisen1986 ) . As a consequence, appraisal of normality can merely be compared with mention values. The better can be obtained from the survey of larger Numberss of normal people from the relevant population ( European community for Coal and Steel 1983 ) . Once obtained, consequences can be expressed as per centum predicted or, more right, by comparing with the 95 % assurance interval for the valves.

Problem statement.

It is interesting to cognize whether there are any different of lung volumes and lung capacities base on the different place in the football squad such as striker place and defenses place. In football squad, the guardians place undertakings are different with the striker place undertaking, for illustration the defensive place, the occupation of the Centre backs or cardinal guardians is to halt opposing participants, peculiarly the strikers, from acquiring the chance to hit, and to unclutter the ball from their ain punishment country. So normally the defence has large physical to halt the striker, but different with the striker place, normally the strikers ‘ place participants have non excessively large physical, because these places are for the fast individual to hit the end.

This survey of pneumonic map of the Uitm football participants base on place, have taken pupils group of both striker place and defence place of aged between 19-25 old ages and focused on indispensable parametric quantities including, FVC and has used Spirometer. The spirometer device used to measure these parametric quantities. This survey chiefly concentrates on lung parametric quantities including Forced Vital Capacity ( FVC ) and how far it varies base on the place such as striker and defence. The FVC besides use to measure the lung map of Uitm association football participants.

Operational Footings

1.2.1 Exhalation is act or an case of expiring air.

From journal beginnings Masaoka Y, Satoh H, Akai L, Homma I. ( 2010 )

1.2.2 Inhalation is the drawing of air or other substances into the lung.

From cyberspace beginnings hypertext transfer protocol: //

1.2.3 Entire lung capacity are refers to the entire sum of air in the lungs after taking the deepest breath possible.

From cyberspace beginnings hypertext transfer protocol: //

1.2.4 Ventilation is a cyclic procedure of inspiration and termination whereby optimum degrees of Oxygen and cabondioxide are maintained in the air sac and arterial blood.

1.2.5 Tidal Volume ( VT ) is defined as the sum of air that is inspired and expired during normal resting airing.

1.2.6 Forced Vital Capacity ( FVC ) is the manoeuvres in which the upper limit sum of air that can be exhaled following a inspiratory attempt.

1.2.7 Maximum voluntary airing ( MVV ) can be defined as the maximal volume of air that can be breathed by a individual in one minute.

From cyberspace beginnings hypertext transfer protocol: //


In this survey, there are some intents or objective that can be seen. They are ;

To mensurate the degree of fittingness of Uitm football participants by utilizing force critical capacity

y trial.

To find whether there is a different in pneumonic maps base on place in football squad such as defence and striker.

1.4 Hypothesis

H & A ; deg ; -There is no important different on pneumonic maps in football place such as striker and defence

H?-There is important different on pneumonic maps in football place such as striker and defence

1.5 Significant of the survey

The important of this survey is chiefly to step and compare the lung volumes and capacities among the Uitm football participant base on their place. Does the football place such as striker place and defences place have differences effects on the lung volumes and capacities? The survey is of import because it can assist certain peoples such as manager, physical therapy and jocks particularly in any sorts of athleticss to better pneumonic maps. In add-on, this survey besides can increase cognition of manager and jocks, and demo them how of import is to hold efficient and strong lung to better their public presentations for their athletics.

1.6 Boundary line

The first boundary line is the figure of any sorts of research topics, which consists 30 ( n=30 ) age scope from 19-25 old ages old will take portion in this survey. The topics are selected in the Uitm football squad and physically active and all the participants must be healthy. The topics are divided into two groups of defence and striker. The others boundary line is the capable gender and age. The trial will be conduct in Physiology Lab.


In this survey, the participants involved may hold some experience in critical capacity trial. The participants that will be selects in this survey will be take parting in the lab trial by utilizing spirometer. The engagement is of import in this survey because it can impact the consequences and informations if the participants do non collaborate and take part volitionally.

Besides that, the clip constrains besides can be one of the factors because the participants have their ain agendas and will collide with the trial agendas and can non go to the trial.

In add-on, money can be a job because, there is no sponsored in this survey. The day-to-day activities of the participants will non be controlled.


In this survey, it can be assumed that all the participants can make and finish the critical capacity trial. Therefore, I besides believe and make certain that all the participants will understand and follow all the direction given by the technician. The research workers besides predict that all the participants are physically active and healthy.

The research worker assumed that the trial in this survey instrumentality was appropriate for the mark population. I besides predict that all the participants to the full understood the types of trial and method and how to execute it right.

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